I'm a self-taught creative thinker who has created a business to change the design world.


My name is Archie Griffiths, I am from Kent, UK, and I am a design and marketing expert. I knew from a young age that I would follow a career path in design, and I left school at age 15 to seek further knowledge in Art and Design. I joined the University for the Creative Arts aged 16 and undertook a Pre-Degree course in Art, Design, Media, and Promotion. I finished my Pre-Degree in Art and Design, and I found that I gained a merit grade for my artwork. Instead of pursuing a further 3-4 years in education by going to University, I decided to take a step back, learn a range of new digital skills, and perfect my craft. I bought a MacBook using money I had saved from working weekends, and taught myself how to use the programmes in the Adobe range, so that I could create art and designs on paper and on a digital format.

I now have a very vast range of skills in my skills set, including years of experience in the Adobe Creative Cloud programmes, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, After Effects, and the new Adobe programme - Dimension. I have experience in creating logos, adverts, posters, clothing, and websites, whilst retaining my original skill set which includes drawing, painting, photography, videography, editing, and more.


I also have previous industry experience in sales and marketing, working as a Sales & Marketing Advisor for a large construction-based company in the UK.

My customer/client based strengths include great customer service, generating new leads, a great aftermarket service to make sure clients continue using my services in the future, and answering difficult questions/problems in a methodical way, and digesting it to make it actionable - I am good at understanding the client’s needs and solving problems by working with the client. I'm a very proactive and very efficient worker, which is one of my best traits, in my opinion.


To summarise, what separates me from other people in this field includes my vast skills set, previous experience in sales and marketing, and my dedication to this industry. I have a hunger for success and a passion for design, which is exactly what you need to do well in this industry.

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